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The Biotrend BPO250 joins the noninvasive concepts of conventional pulse oximetry by the state of the art electronic technology and high speed digital signal processing.

The signal to noise ratio is maximized and the real pulse energy signal is extracted from background noise resulting in reliable measurements even in a very low perfusion environment.

The Biotrend BPO250 was born to fit the new modern world requirements, full connectivity and friendly graphical user interfaces.

The trend pointed out by massive electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets, etc. is changing the way of interacting with them, thus, medical equipment has to adequate to it.

The Biotrend BPO250 is focusing in fullfilling the new international standard using the proven Biotrend saturation technology, a friendly color touchscreen interface and a new humanizing concept which concerns in users psychological wellness. 


Patients and their families know nothing about saturation oxygen values, plethismographic waves, perfusion index and so on. They see cables connected to their beloved people, numbers, leds, waves, in an apparatus which only increases their anguish and worry. This generally leads to unnecesaary calls to nurses enquiring for small changes in the device status.

The BPO250 has a "humanizing mode" of operation which is activated by a qualified user in which the pulse oximeter shows pictures while measurements are running in background, focusing on the wellness of every individual involved.

An alarm event automatically returns oximeter to HOME screen.





Biotrend SAT technology.


Powerful and friendly touchscreen user interface.


Allowing high contrast screen readings from great distances and angles.

bulletFull connectivity

Supporting in its USB port: WIFI, BLUETOOTH, ETHERNET and 3G. Ideal for remote monitoring and telemedicine.

bulletHumanizing mode

Focsing in psychological wellness of users


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Material:   High Impact Plastic

Color:   White

Dimensions:   125 x 225 x 131 mm.

Weight:   750 gr.


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