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Product description

BAT100 - SAT technology

Biotrend joins the noninvasive concepts of conventional pulse oximetry by state of the art electronic technology and high speed digital signal processing.

The signal to noise ratio is maximized.

The real pulse energy signal is extracted from background noise resulting in reliable measurements even in a very low perfusion environment.

The BAT 100 oem oximetry module provides the best way to incorporate pulse oximetry to a medical device.


bulletUltra low noise design.

bulletUltra small footprint (26 x18 mm).

bulletConvenient LGA package for automatic assembly machine.

bulletEasily integrateable into any size of portable or desktop devices.

bulletVery low power and single supply (3,3 V DC)


bulletLow cost and high performance


BAT100 Is one of the most versatile modules in the market and its cost is lower.


Advanced 32 Bits processor technology.

bulletFast reaction

Parameter changes are quickly detected. 


Reliable measurements with very low perfusion.


Transmission of SpO2, pulse rate, plethysmographic waveform, status information and perfusion index.


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Measurement of pulse rate between 30 to 254 bpm.

Measurement of spo2 between 0 to 100 %.

Complete line of sensors available

Clinical validation data available to support certification and registrations of the final monitor


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